Haptic Technology made by Immersion creates touch feedback on touchscreens and other automotive surfaces. Haptics adds interactive feedback making the user experience easier to use, intuitive and helpful. This demo is built with Immersion's Active Sensing Technology and TDK's PowerHap Piezo Actuator.
My role on this project was to design interaction architecture and user experience showcasing advanced haptic effects aimed at users for automotive industry with driver safety in mind. Please note this was not a showcase of UI, but rather how haptic feedback can enhance certain touch screen interactions. 
As a lead Interaction Designer I collaborated closely with UX Researcher, hardware and software engineering teams to developed a demo which demonstrates Immersion's haptic technology and represents a guideline for such technology for automotive OEMs and Tie's around the world.
This demo has been presented at multiple shows like CES and Tokyo Automotive Show, and has revived high praises for its innovative engineering and interaction design.  

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